Technology and knowledge of the material first and foremost, but also ability to respond to the evolution of the tastes and habits of the consumer. The obtaining of environmental certifications. And then inspirations, ideas, research and solutions that are increasingly environmentally responsible. We are AMB, a company that has been producing high barrier packaging for nearly fifty years for food companies all over the world.

We can offer to these companies, which operate in a constantly expanding global market, a complete range of solutions for the safe and long-term storage of food products either in vacuum or in modified atmosphere. A range that is evolving through the incorporation of all the most effective innovations in materials and processes made available by research. Because quality is and always will be number one priority in food packaging.

Milestones in our history

AMB is founded by Clotilde Manfrin-Polano and Renata Polano Marin.
Its first products are LDPE bags.

Installation of the first blown technology coextrusion machine.

Installation of the first multi-layer coextrusion line for the production of food packaging.

The era of the first solventless laminator.

Appearance of the first 8-colour C.I. flexographic printer.

The Marin family acquires the 100% of the company.

The first PET coextrusion lines appear.

Start up of PET Coex Lines number 4 e 5. Construction of the new blown technology department begins.

Installation of the new 7-layer coextrusion blown film machine.

Commissioning of PET Coex Lines number 6.

The ethical code has been introduced.

AMB is the first company at European level to start a water based production.

The new 9 layers blown film extruder has been installed.

AMB acquires and opens its second production plant in AMARO (UD). AMB is now closer to the main traffic routes connecting all Europe.

AMB acquires TDX (Europe) Limited, leader in the English market for the prototype and tooling services for PET, RPET. The acquisition creates a complete food packaging solution with a one-supplier relationship with all customers.

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