“We want to be a partner that you can no longer do without. For this reason we have made our production processes more flexible and faster, tailored the service and made your requirements our top priority, offering you a package of tangible and sustainable advantages that we call “the amb way”. Because we are convinced that your satisfaction must be our number one objective.”

Renata Marin, founder

AMB appreciates the added value offered by compliance with environmental protection and occupational health and safety regulations. This is reflected in the company’s strategic decisions regarding innovation of the organization, processes, plants and the materials used.

In particular, AMB supports:

● Needs analysis and definition and research into essential values for customers.
●Improvement of processes through the implementation of a working method that streamlines complex matters while removing waste and reducing variation (Lean Six Sigma).
●The introduction of modern organizational approaches with the capacity to combine technology, automation, skills and guaranteed quality.
● Bringing out the best of staff through constant engagement and training.
●Taking all of the necessary measures to eliminate the causes of injuries and faults.

Solid support for AMB’s services is provided by compliance with the strictest product safety and hygiene standards and our own Quality Management System, which is based on the ISO 9000 and BRC standards. We do all of this while complying with the legislation that applies in our field and meeting our customers’ specific product/service requirements.

AMB ensures that the values and principles described above are promoted and well established in the organization and all of the areas involved in its activities.

Bruno Marin, CEO

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