Coextruded films using cast technology Neither glues nor solvents, but technology for obtaining complex “high barrier” films for use in thermoforming, with the simultaneous coextrusion of different polymers.

Flexible printed and laminated films Using a lamination process carried out with or  without the use of solvents, different films are combined to obtain products that are metallized, laquered, biaxially oriented, heat-sealed, sterilizable or printed.

Coextruded films using blown technology AMB produces flexible heat sealable film for all requirements: protection from light, peelability, anti-fog, high gas barrier, maximum flatness, suitability for contact with food and yet many more.

We have always had very clear ideas about respect for the environment and for the safety of those who come into contact with our materials.
We have always chosen recyclable materials that are free from heavy metals..

We can now offer biodegradable products, made entirely from vegetable matter, having fantastic properties.

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