Have you heard about AMB SealPET?

Our customers in the fish industry have chosen this rigid film to increase sealing capabilities without forgetting the recyclability of the product, fully recyclable within the PET stream.

AMB SealPET is specially designed to address challenging sealing conditions in various applications, providing a reliable solution for FFS or FS customers grappling with sealing area contamination caused by oil, grease, or fatty liquids from fresh food.

It is a good substitute for:

  • PET/PE bottom film, where PE is still used for the better sealing performance compared to PET mono
  • Standard PET mono bottom film, where sealing performances need to be improved

It can be combined with our AMB top films:

  • Mono PE universal sealing 799
  • Mono PET
  • Multilayer film peel on PET 238

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