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AMB is a leading international company that delivers a unique difference to the food and food packaging industry. From packaging design through to film production under one roof, a complete end2end process for our customers.

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We are innovators and believe that to find the answers to the big questions you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Our pursuit of constant improvement drives us to design, create and deliver the best in everything we do. Not for us as a company but for our customers.

Because one thing is for certain, a quick and easy way is not the sustainable way.

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How we got where we are

This is our journey, starting over 50 years ago we have never stopped moving. This energy continues within the business.


Founded by Clotilde Manfrin-Polano and Renata Polano Marin producing LDPE bags


AMB installs the first blown technology coextrusion machine. 1988: Installation of the first multi-layer coextrusion line for the production of food packaging.


The first solventless laminator.


The first 8-colour C.I. printer is produced.


The Marin family acquires 100% of the company.


Start up of PET Coex Lines number 4&5. Construction of the new blown technology department begins.


Installation of the new 7-layer coextrusion blown film machine.


Commissioning of PET Coex Lines number 6.


Commissioning of PET Coex Lines number 6.


The ethical code is introduced.


AMB becomes the first company at European level to start a water based production.


The new 9-layers blown film extruder is installed.


Acquires and opens its second production plant in AMARO (UD) making AMB closer to the main traffic routes connecting all Europe. EUR 12 million investment in production and logistic.


AMB acquires TDX (Europe) Limited, leader in the UK market for the design, prototyping, tooling and film supply for thermoformed packaging. This creates a complete food packaging solution with a one-supplier relationship with all customers.


Installation of a second print line in San Daniele and a new extrusion line in the UK (B4). Acquisition of PTS Verpackungen, Bavaria (Germany)


New extrusion line installed in Amaro (line 10). AMB reached an agreement for a majority controlling investment from private equity funds managed by Peak Rock Capital


Set up of a new line in the UK (B5).

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