If you consider what innovations have meant for our lives it goes without saying that along with each new innovation, we have to seriously consider whether it adds value. What do you want to achieve with it, and will our customers world actually become a better place as a result of it? Innovation for the sake of innovation is not the AMB way.

Built for Innovation

Our ideology is one of a better world, in which we help customers to achieve strong business health and growth, and to make a significant contribution to the solving problems that our customers have now and in the future. We do this by making innovation a high priority through the AMB business . We are driven by our mission to use design to be different and a firm belief in the power of collective thinking.

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Please see the following projects that are in development. Projects that have been through our innovation process.

Easy break mono PET

PS and EPS are considered problematic categories of plastic packaging within the circular
economy. We have in development a PET white light barrier product that is designed for recycling. With Multipack breakaway features consistently formed so packs stay
together until the customer chooses to separate individual units

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Thermoformable Paper

Thermoformable bottom webs in paper, with print on both sides. Combined with
Easy-peel or realisable lidding films, hi-barrier films MAP Packaging


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A space to design the future


Welcome to our space designed for discussion and collaboration. A space where together we look to spark ideas, create sustainable strategies and form partnerships to develop new ways of looking at the world we work in.

This space is not for us it’s for you. Come and join to see what we truly do, you can touch and see our products, with demo facilities to test and assess designs in real time. Come and get innovative or just join us here for a meeting.

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