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As a result of intense competition, multiple retailers are demanding increasing numbers of new products from suppliers. This in turn creates the need for companies to supply production quality samples in ever shorter timescales.

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We continually invest in the latest CAD CAM technology and software to create a seamless flow between conceptual/product design and prototyping in order to reduce the turnaround time for prototypes.

Utilising CAD CAM data from our own design facility or our customers in-house design department our prototype department has its own dedicated CNC machining centres to provide a rapid prototyping service.

Our prototype department is supported by a large sample making facility equipped with both vacuum and pressure forming machines capable of producing samples in any material and volume.

We understand the commercial and operational pressure placed on companies when they are required to produce bulk samples from pilot tooling or new tooling for factory trials and store evaluation. Through our sampling facility we are able to manufacture bulk samples to stringent quality standards.

Why rapid prototypes?

Food brands, manufacturers and processors often require varying quantities of production quality prototype samples during the product development process. We can deliver large numbers of these prototypes at a rapid speed.

New products must be fully evaluated through the supply chain prior to launch. Our prototype samples enable new products to be tested on automated packing lines and in transit.


Once a product has been selected for launch our prototype samples can be used for shelf life testing due to the quality of our samples.


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