In our world where the environment and our place in the sustainable circular economy have become more important than ever, we have an active agenda to meet expectations of our customers and help solve some of the most complex sustainability challenges within packaging production.

13 million PET bottles recycled by AMB everyday

Plastic is an important and ubiquitous material in our economy and daily lives. It has multiple functions that help tackle a number of the challenges facing our society. Light and innovative materials in cars or planes save fuel and cut CO2 emissions. In packaging, plastics help ensure food safety and reduce food waste.

However, too often the way plastics are currently produced, used and discarded fails to capture the economic benefits of a more ‘circular’ approach and harms the environment.
There is an urgent need to tackle the environmental problems that today cast a long shadow over the production, use and consumption of plastics. The million tonnes of plastic litter that end up in the oceans every year are one of their most visible and alarming signs of these problems, causing growing public concern.

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Rethinking and improving the functioning of such a complex value chain requires efforts and greater cooperation by all its key players, from plastics producers to recyclers, retailers and consumers.

The AMB Sustainability Pledges

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Packaging prevents food waste protecting food from external chemical, physical and microbiological agents. Plastic packaging is an instrumental in protection and not of destruction, so in a context of Circular Economy it is a value. Plastic packaging is here to stay, buts it’s the importance of now we manage in that is key.

AMB reduces the amount of unnecessary plastic with innovative downgauging designs to achieve lighter weight, reducing cost and improving sustainability while maintaining performance.

AMB is going to introduce innovative recyclable packaging alternatives to polystyrene and PVC for food packaging applications.

Exploring alternative materials such biobased materials and thermoforming paper.

See our commitments to the pledge 1

Innovate to ensure 100% of plastic packaging can be easily and safely recycled by 2025.

Packaging designed for recycling to simplify our portfolio structures.

  • Using mono materials
  • Using multilayers structures easily to disassembly
  • Continue to commit to improve the Circular Economy by influencing the conditions for appropriate EU and national legal frameworks
  • Packaging is free of hazardous chemicals, and the health, safety, and rights of all people involved are respected
See our commitments to the pledge 2

Circulate the plastic produces, by significantly increasing the amount of plastics reused, recycled or compostable by 2025

Reducing the use of virgin plastic both decouple from finite feedstock to stimulate demand for collection and recycling. The majority our plastics volume is PET and it is fully recyclable.

  • Increasing PET recycling content up to 100%.
  • Using Ocean waste -bound plastic PET resin combined with PCR recycled PET.
  • Using Near infrared-detectable colours, making the packaging easy to sort and recycle.
  • Communicate to inform and educate about recycling
See our commitments to the pledge 3

As CEFLEX member we are committed to by 2020 flexible packaging will have a comprehensive sustainability and circular economy road-map for flexible packaging.

Working with European Consortium and our Stakeholders to develop recycling design guidelines and recycling streams for PET clear, opaque and white light barrier containers.

See our commitments to the pledge 4

Implementation of innovative packaging production processes able to reduce energy consumption per unit of production or to reduce the production waste or, in general, to reduce the use of production inputs.

  • Circularity of our production process to regrinding internal scraps and getting out the concept of waste.
  • Energy efficient chilled water systems.
  • Bandera twin extruders: 25% less power than conventional PET extruders.
  • Water based technology*: water-based inks with water-based adhesives lead to a higher eco-efficiency than solvent based inks and adhesives (15% less carbon footprint).
See our commitments to the pledge 5


AMB Eco-design

Saving Raw MaterialsReduction in weight with the same sized packed product and performance.Downgauging: Reduction in weight with the same sized packaged product and performance.
Use of Recycled MaterialsReducing carbon footprint using 70,000 metric tons/year of recucled raw material R-PET in substitution of virgin resin, for saving of 98.917 metric tons of CO2 eq.Can be used post consumer bottle flakes and trays  min. 30% up to 100% R-PET from PURE recycling processes EFSA approved
Facilitating RecyclingAll innovations aiming to simplify the recovery and recycling of packaging, like the use of mono material packaging.Mono materials: PET, PE, PP
Adhesive washable at 80°C
Film multilayer projected for disassembly thanks to density <1g/cm3
Simplification of packaging systemIntegrating several functions in a single packaging component, eliminating an elemment and therefore simplyfing the systemMono materials High Barrier (no EVOH), Waterbased technology (no solvents), Detectable colours with optical sorting by NIR, Recyclable additive


PET is not just any plastic, it is one of the most sustainable, recyclable and circular materials.
PET key technical advantages: transparency, safety, versatility, durability, cost-competitiveness.
The only recycled plastic material with an established food supply chain and market.

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