Points of Difference

Everything AMB does is designed and considered to meet and exceed the needs our customers. It runs through everything we do.

Designed to be different

By harnessing the process of designed thinking through the whole business it allows us to shape our DNA in a detailed way to model and develop our offering for our customers. By definition, design is a creative and exploratory process, key elements we believe are needed in our market.

We see being different has a way of creating competitive advantage. A positive. A way to standout in a crowd when all else around can seem expected. AMB harnesses the positive power of being different. When customers appreciate your different benefits over our competitors, they become loyal to our brand and value the relationship.

Our in-mind values

Some may say business pillars, others brand values. AMB think of the following as ‘in-mind’ values. Mind, referring to the centre of our thoughts, memory, and imagination. If we do something with a particular thing in-mind, we do it with that thing as our aim or basis for our actions – customers are AMBs thing.

Our in-mind values sit within our people, our company, from the moment we wake and until the moment we sleep.

Sustainability in-mind

In our world where the environment and our place in the sustainable circular economy have become more important than ever, we have an active agenda to meet expectations of our customers and help solve some of the most complex sustainability challenges within packaging production.

We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact and supporting our customer’s needs. We expect the highest ethical standards throughout our business, supply chain, products & services. Sustainability progress isn’t just the right thing to do for the planet — it’s also good for all of us.

Safety in-mind

Quality assurance in the manufacturing of packaging must be ensured. There is no single action that can ensure absolute safety of food packaging design because there are so many steps between production and consumption. We believe that , preparation, understanding of risks, and development of decision trees and potential alternatives in the event of an incident work together to prevent food safety problems.

Service in-mind

Service can be seen as standard, maybe a little predictable? But the impact of amazing service can have on a relationship can be the difference between winning or losing. This is not lost on AMB, and why it’s a key in-mind driver within the company.

We like to think of service as ‘we not me’. When we work together anything is possible. Always acting with integrity and using our experience to do the right thing. AMB deliver flexibility in our approach to how we service our customers, understanding that all customers are not the same. We listen and use our knowledge and experience to respond.

Design in-mind

AMB believe that to prosper, we must balance agile, design-led development processes within our company, within our thinking for the continual redesign of customer experience.

It’s not just about just designing the best products or services but rather about striking the right combination and making sure that we deliver an integrated customer experience that is truly compelling. Delivering this kind of mindset within our business, the outputs of a convergence-designed strategy can deliver a durable competitive advantage for our customers. This makes us a more intuitive company and more seamless for the customers who engage with our products or services.

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