AMB introduces High & Low Temperature PET

We’re pleased to announce that AMB can now supply to market PET that performs at temperatures that you never thought possible, new films created for frozen and high temperature applications.

Through these updated processes, we can ensure optimal coordination between technology and material for products with films that are applicable for freezing down to -30 °C or for hot filling up to 85 °C and for microwave up to 110 °C – available through our Sustainable films that offer heightened visibility due to high transparency and gloss materials.

PET for Low Temperature:

Key features:

  • For freezing down to -30 °C
  • No increase on your current gauge
  • Recycled material
  •  More visibility
  • Longer transport storage

Application by food type:

  • Fresh frozen pasta, frozen cold cuts, frozen fish, frozen pizza, frozen meat


PET for High Temperature:

Key Features:

  • For hot filling up to 85 °C
  • For microwave up to 110 °C
  • No increase on your current gauge
  • Recycled material
  • More visibility

 Application by food type:

  • Hot Filling: Spreadable cheese, creams, liquid products, products with sousvide cooking
  • Microwave: dishes ready to be heated, pasta to be heated, fresh pizza to be heated


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